Some people have asked me..

"Spoon, how do you have that many computers in your room?"

Now, you can see how. These are two pictures of my room.

Okay, now to explain.
On the top is the left hand part of the room. The monitor ALL the way to the left is my P120's Monitor, aka the piece of crud monitor. Heck, it has problems with 640x480... The tower is usually where that striped thing is, but it is currently being loaned out
The Keyboard is beneath the monitor, with speakers surrounding it (the green thing is a tennis ball). Next to that is my 80386 (Currently in a game of The Lost Vikings), with the tower underneath the pack of paper (it actually has a warning for weight on it).
To the right of that is the CD Rack, being filled up (I'm still finding CDs around this room...), the clock, and some PSX games. Beneath that is a barstool and Diskette boxes. Moving along to the right is my PDA and keyboard (my newest addition), and my Printer.
Moving along to the right part of the top picture (and the left part of the bottom one) is my main machine (P3-850)) on GameFAQs (as usual). Above that is "Web" and The Dust Puppy (of fame) on top of my 17" Monitor (the good one).
Underneath it is yet another keyboard (USB), Mouse (USB), TV Tuner (USB), Camera Cable (USB), and my USB hub (gee, I wonder why I need that? :P) Below that (hard to see) is my P3-850 tower (with one of my controllers on top of it), and CD player.
Yes, I have a CD player along with the CD-ROM drives in the PC... it's handy sometimes. Anyways, surrounding the PC are my satellite speakers, and below that is my Subwoofer (on the ground), and MIDI Keyboard.
Finally we have my last PC, the P3-450. Monitor on top, USB keyboard beneath, USB speakers surrounding it, and the tower WAAAY on the right side. If you click the images you'll see them at 1600x1200.

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