This isn't truly a rant, but it is something dealing with the chat.

An idea from an op (Sinko), on how to deal with the chat:
A Chat Council - It would be in charge of what happened in the chat and what it would need to do to make it better.
It would bring reports to CJC once every other week about what is happening.
The thing is CJC is never in chat and IRCops or if we pass on this, a Chat Council, would need more powers CJC would give the powers that we need to one or two very trustworthy members of the chat to keep the chat in order.

My thoughts- 10 council members, the 6 IRCops, the current SOP of #gamefaqs, 1 random SOP, and 2 random AOPs from #rpg, #gamefaqs, and #lobby cycled through would be the makeup of the council. For instance, the first council may be the following:

aetherspoon (IRCop)
Dettronen_Spy (IRCop)
Darth_Maul (IRCop)
Odin (IRCop)
Seif (IRCop)
Wroth (IRCop)
CVagts (Current SOP of #gamefaqs)
GalFord (Cycled SOP (#galfordspatch))
SuperSaiyanGokuEX (Cycled AOP (#GameFAQs))
Sinko (Cycled AOP (#lobby))

I've already contacted all but 1 of the more permenant members (other then myself), and they like the idea..... Email me about it.

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