Again, this isn't really a rant, but this is something I just ran across again today:

Theory of the Universe

According to this theory, the way the universe works is as follows. There are an infinite number of parallel universe, all of them similar. However, each parallel universe revolves around one person. This person, is "you". A person in the first person point of view, and every possible person. Each universe has similar histories, built up just for this one person. Therefore, all people, animals, plants, and objects other then "you" do not have a choice in their fate. "You" are omnipotent in your own way. "You" decide your own fate. As an example, we have Bill and Sheela. Bill exists in his own universe, but Sheela does not exist there. Bill has control of his destiny. In Sheela's universe, Bill does exist, but Bill does not have control of his destiny in Sheela's universe, only Sheela can control her destiny. Humans and other known life forms cannot comprehend this parallel universe, due to the effect of beings of parallel universes. For instance (unknown who originally gave the example), in a two dimensional world, a two dimensional figure would not comprehend the three dimensional world like we do. Therefore, when a stickman on a sheet of paper has a pencil poked through it, it just sees a hole, not a pencil sticking through it. However, it has a slight concept of the third dimension- just as we have a concept of the fourth dimension (time). The stickman however has no comprehension of the fourth dimension, other then perhaps a theory on it- such as humans have theories on the fifth dimension (parallel universe). Due to this, humans would see a rift for a break in the fourth dimension (possibly a black hole), and would be unaware of the fifth dimension. Just like the Stickman, humans can transverse the fourth dimension- only into their own universe though. Humans will never cross parallel universes, unless there is a sixth dimension, and even then they will pass through it completely unaware. As for possible time travel, I think it has something to do with what we humans call memory. Humans keep a record of all events that occur- their memory. However, certain events always stick out, even if they didn't seemingly make a big impact on your life. Your pet dog dying... your graduation... your marriage... seeing someone you loved die in your arms. All of those would stick out in your memory. Now, to compare it to a computer's internet browser, a computer keeps a memory too- a history. Now, on a computer, you can recall that history at any time. In other words, people should be able to somehow recall those strong events, the ones you never forget, and go back to them. That would be the only form of time travel possible according to this theory. Finally, relating back to the stickman, since the stickman does not have knowledge of three dimensional creatures, three dimensional creatures would not be able to know about four and five dimensional creatures... or more.

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Wow, I remember writing that.... it's kinda cool.

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